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Business Doc Creation

We're on a mission to simplify cloud computing.

Basic Business Doc

$ 99
-Simple business letters
-Basic marketing material, such as brochures or flyers
-One-page executive summaries
-Simple business plans
-Basic proposals or contracts
-Basic company policies or procedures
-Basic employee handbooks
-Basic presentations or slide decks

Standard Business Doc

$ 220
-Business plans
-Marketing plans
-Investment proposals
-Financial reports or statements
-Employee contracts or agreements
-HR policies and procedures
-Training manuals
-User guides or manuals
-Case studies or whitepapers

Premium Business Doc

$ 350
-Business plans with detailed financial projections
-Marketing plans with market research and analysis
-Investment proposals with detailed financial analysis and ROI projections
-Company policies and procedures with legal compliance
-Product development and launch plans
-Annual reports and presentations
-Executive summaries and briefing papers
Sales proposals and pitch decks
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